Original Gin

42% ABV / 70CL


was £30

Original Gin

Sea buckthorn berries, lemon balm, citrus peel


Original Gin is our take on a classic London dry – with a twist. Our St Andrews distillery is on a particularly tempestuous Scottish coastline, so we were inspired to create our first gin using sea buckthorn berries, an exceptionally hardy superfood that thrives in harsh, salty, coastal conditions. The unique tart berry flavour is abundant but we balance the gin around it using citrus elements drawn from the other botanicals, such as lemon balm and citrus peel.

Perfectly served with a premium tonic and grapefruit slice or try making a Paloma cocktail.



At Eden Mill, we have always been storytellers and love sharing our passion and unique stories behind each of our gins! For our brand-new glass gin bottle range, we worked with illustrator Ella Ginn to create unique, woodcut-style illustrations for each product, with each one telling its own unique story, played out across the front of each bottle’s label.

The Original Gin illustration tells the story of the harsh, coastal landscape of St. Andrews where sea buckthorn berries - the hero botanical for Original Gin - grow in abundance. This illustration depicts the tempestuous landscape in which these berries thrive, with churning waves, salt spray and swirling clouds – but with the sun in the distance making its appearance.

We invite you to discover your own Eden Mill story today... and see what legends you can unearth in our illustrations.


42% ABV / 70CL
Awarded Scottish Gin of the Year at the Scottish Gin Awards 2018