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Limited to only 2,250 bottles
2022 Art of St Andrews Single Malt Whisky
2022 Art of St Andrews Single Malt Whisky 1
2022 Art of St Andrews Single Malt Whisky 2
2022 Art of St Andrews Single Malt Whisky 3
2022 Art of St Andrews Single Malt Whisky label
2022 Art of St Andrews Single Malt Whisky Split Poster

2022 Art of St Andrews Single Malt Whisky

The Art of St Andrews is a series of annual releases that celebrate the spirit, landscape and flavours of Eden Mill’s coastal hometown. Designed to curate the craft of our head distiller and the creativity of local artists, the Art of St Andrews is an exclusive and collectable expression - the pinnacle of our portfolio. Each year, we pair the work of the chosen artist with a single malt expression carefully selected by head distiller Scott Ferguson. With only 2,250 bottles available, this precious liquid from St Andrews will delight collectors and those who like to pour themselves a special dram on occassions to enjoy with friends and enthusiasts alike.
Non Chill Filtered - Natural Colour

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This beautiful limited-edition presentation whisky box, adorned with the work of this 2022's collaborating artist Mairi Clark, contains a decorative bottle of our limited-edition St Andrews Single Malt Whisky crafted by our Master Distiller for this unique partnership. 

46.5% ABV | 70cl

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The nOSE

Cinnamon, cherry, raisin and almond.

the palate

Dark fruits, oak, figs and berry compote.

the finish

Oaky spice and mouth-watering sweetness.

art and inspiration

Limited to just 2,250 bottles, this Amarone cask finished single malt whisky is a remarkable addition to the Art of St Andrews collection — our annual celebration of the historic town we call home.

Matured in Amarone and sherry casks, before a finishing period in first fill Amarone wine casks from Verona. This bold red has imparted a deep copper colour and rich flavour profile with layers of cherry, fig, raisin, and almond. As it crescendos, a whisper of cinnamon combines with the heady wine maturation to provide a rich, full-bodied dram.

To convey the essence of this year’s exceptional release, we partnered with artist Babs Pease, a printmaker working in wood and linocut. Babs crafts her exquisite pieces by hand carving onto linocut blocks, before printing with an antique Victorian relief press. The artist guides a flood of ink into the whorls of her piece, trusting the tide of colour to mix and swirl in the grooves to create something beautiful.

The process of making whisky can be just as rewarding. As the whisky ages in its cask, a combination of elements come together to inform its story: the quality of the wood, the influence whispers of Amarone, the slightest change in humidity.

The artist with her block and tools, the head distiller with his casks and stills: both are masters of their respective arts, and both have an understanding that not everything can be tamed or predicted. The linocut print is at last revealed in full colour; the richly aged whisky is drawn out of the Amarone casks from which it borrows its deep red hue and spiced fruit bouquet.

With its ruined spires, cobbled streets, and dramatic coastlines, St Andrews can seem perfectly, deliberately composed — but a place like this is built through centuries of chance meetings between people, between land and sea, between ideas.

To create something new and distinctive is to be at the mercy of fate. But like the town of St Andrews and the art on this box — with this whisky, things have come together perfectly.