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We've been recording our progress over the last 6 months and are thrilled to finally see the interior structures going up inside our new brand home

Work on the exterior of the distillery is now complete. We installed a time-lapse camera to capture this first stage of our new journey and you can see that footage in the video below. That said, it’s what’s on the inside that counts and we’re excited to share that progress with you too – watch this space! 


On Wednesday 14th June 2023, Eden Mill marked a significant milestone in its history with a joyous celebration of the distillery handover. In a special ceremony, we officially took on full ownership from the landlord and site owner, the University of St Andrews.

To commemorate this remarkable occasion, all Eden Mill staff gathered at the new distillery site, where they were presented with a special release of Eden Mill whisky aptly named the "Distillery Handover." This exclusive bottling served as a symbolic gesture, representing the journey we have undertaken to bring our vision to life.


The front wall of the building will feature large glass windows providing beautiful views out over the Estuary and the iconic St Andrews skyline. The top floor of the distillery will be home to a bar where guests will be able to sit back, relax and take in the beautiful landscape, which is always striking regardless of whether the weather is calm and still or brooding and stormy. 

Showcasing the best of gin and whisky

Once our doors open to the public, we will welcome guests all year round. You will be able to choose from either the whisky experience or gin experience, each one taking a different route around the distillery. Both will tell you the story of Eden Mill and our exciting journey so far and both will also finish with a tasting.


We want our guests to be able to come and visit us, regardless of whether or not they are doing a tour. Our distillery will have a café on the bottom floor,
perfect for enjoying a coffee and a homebake while catching up with friends.

There will be a retail space where we’ll sell not only our gins and whiskies, but also local produce. On the top floor, our bar will offer a range of cocktails for visitors to enjoy while looking out at the stunning view of the
estuary waters.

Looking back to look forward

Situated next to the site of the old paper mill in the Guardbridge area of St Andrews, Whisky has been at the heart of this area since 1655.

After lying still for over 150 years, Eden Mill brings the art of distilling back to this historical area in the form of a new distillery experience and a range of premium single malt whiskies and gins.



Making our distillery as sustainable as possible is at the forefront of our minds, especially with our unique location on the Eden Campus and the Nature Reserve on our doorstep.

All our electricity will be 100% renewable, coming from either the solar farm belonging to the University of St Andrews or other renewable energy sources. Additionally, the CO₂ produced during the fermentation process will be captured for the University to use. 

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The Bothy

You may have noticed a small cabin called ‘The Bothy’ perched next to our new distillery.

Compact and cosy, the walls of The Bothy showcase information about Eden Mill and about our new distillery and visitor centre.

While we are happy to welcome in visitors, it’s better to schedule some time with our Whisky Brand Ambassador, Euan, so he can ensure he’s there and so that your visit doesn’t clash with other scheduled appointments.