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A range of truly innovative gin cocktails for you to enjoy at home.

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We don't do boring

Scotland's first brewery and distillery

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Our award-winning beer range is crafted for a select and appreciative audience. Sourcing the best of local barley, and ingredients, we aim to exhibit a variety of styles of beer, available in bottle, keg and cask.

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We have the perfect storm for the creativity required to make gin in our copper pot stills. Distilling talent originating from the deeply rooted understanding of whisky, with a cultural drive and desire to innovate.

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Using innovative new wood to mature our whisky, we offer a genuine choice of exciting new whisky expressions from new make spirit. We make just 100,000 litres per year, ensuring focus goes onto every single drop.

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Take a guided distillery tour to learn how we craft our gin and single malt whisky. Or see , hear, and smell the brewery in action on a beer tour.

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The Eden Mill Passion

The Eden Mill story began at St Andrews in 1810, when the legendary Haig distillers first laid down whisky here at the site we now own and work from. In 2012, we resurrected that proud tradition of crafting. We’re Scotland’s original combined brewery and distillery – the first in Scotland. And we think our beer, whisky, and gin is among the best in the world.

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We don’t do boring!

Beer meets gin and whisky here and making all three lets us design recipes for one with subtle influences from the other two. Beer aged in whisky barrels. Gin made from hops. The possibilities are only limited by imagination so you never know just what we’ll be doing next.

To help you enjoy our Gin and Whisky, we have also produced beautifully crafted etch branded Glencairn whisky glasses, tulip gin glasses and  ‘Mixology Project’ goblets to enhance the complete taste experience.

Crafted by hand

We’re immersed in our processes. No vast, computerised tanks here. Every day we create and tinker – we touch, smell, and taste. We source ethically and locally from the verdant fields and wild coasts of Scotland. Our recipes are punchy and exciting. The moment you taste our produce, you know you’ve never tasted anything like it before. With every sip, you taste and smell something new – another layer of complexity. Because what we do is complex.

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