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Innovative, premixed and ready to drink cocktails

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Our selection of boxed gift sets for you. Beautiful, tasteful and often unique ideas in their own right.

Enjoy giving and sharing the love.

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Our award-winning craft beer and IPA range is brewed for an appreciative audience. Sourcing the best local barley and ingredients, we aim to exhibit a variety of styles.

Buy and enjoy something special.

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Eden Mill Premium Scottish Gin. Traditionally made by hand in Scotland using copper pot stills. Proudly crafted by our distillers with a cultural desire to innovate and tingle the taste buds. Perfect as all-year round gifts.

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Art of the Blend™ – The Eden Mill blended whiskies. A genuine choice of exciting new whisky expressions from developed blends.


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Gin Cocktails

Some refreshing ideas for gin cocktails to try made from our core gin range and our 12 Gins of Eden.

Excellent seasonal cocktails to enjoy.

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Fentimans Mixers

Fentimans mixers – in 500ml bottles.

Four fantastically popular flavour options: Rose Lemonade, Premium Tonic, Pink Grapefruit and Light Tonic.

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Take a guided distillery tour to learn how we craft our gin and single malt whisky. Or see , hear, and smell the brewery in action on a beer tour.

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The Eden Mill Passion

The Eden Mill story began at St Andrews in 1810, when the legendary Haig distillers first laid down whisky here at the site we now own and work from. In 2012, we resurrected that proud tradition of crafting. We’re Scotland’s original single site combined brewery and distillery – the first in Scotland. Very few gin makers are as fortunate as Eden Mill and even fewer have all the elements that our team use in creating outstanding flavours and choices. In our distillery, we are capable of making outstanding gin and whisky and our craft brewery produces some superb small batch craft beer. We think our beer, whisky, and gin is among the best in the world.

Will you share our passion?

We don’t do boring!

Beer meets gin and whisky here. Making all three lets us design recipes for one with subtle influences from the other two. Beer aged in whisky barrels. Gin made from hops. The possibilities are limited only by imagination – so you never know just what we’ll do next.

Already voted by TripAdvisor as a top visitor attraction in the area, the Eden Mill Distillery is being painstakingly restored on it’s historic original site during 2017.

The distillers at Eden Mill are craftsmen who work across multiple categories to create incredible drinks.  Blended whisky is one of these forays; The Art of the Blend range has been the most recent to challenge the market. Due to this, the Eden Mill gin range has become iconic and the team is globally recognised and have always strived to break the mould and dare to be different.

We are now taking reservations for our brand new Limited Edition 2 year old oak aged spirit.

As we want to help you enjoy our Gin, Cocktails and Whisky, we have also produced beautifully crafted etch branded Glencairn whisky glasses, tulip gin glasses, and Mixology Project goblets to enhance the complete taste experience.

Awards and recognitions

Eden Mill Success Through Export 2017 Winners | Fife Chamber of Commerce

Success Through Export (2017 winners) – Fife Business Awards

Scottish Food & Drink Excellence Awards 2016 Winner | Daniel Sherry | Eden Mill St Andrews

Scottish Food & Drink Excellence Awards – Daniel Sherry – Emerging Young Talent (2016)

Scottish Food & Drink Excellence Awards – Shona Gillespie – Young Talent Finalist (2017)

Financial Times Five Best British Gins - Hop Gin (2016) | Eden Mill St Andrews

Financial Times Five Best British Gins – Hop Gin (2016)

Scottish Design Awards - Best packing for gin (2016) | Eden Mill St Andrews

Scottish Design Awards – Best packing for gin (2016)

Crafted by hand

We’re immersed in our processes. No vast, computerised production tanks at Eden Mill. Because of this, every day we can create and tinker – we can touch, smell, and taste. We source ethically and locally from the verdant fields and wild coasts of Scotland. Our recipes are punchy and exciting. The moment you taste our produce, you know you’ve never tasted anything like it before. Because so much goes into what we do, with every sip, you taste and smell something new; another layer of complexity – because using a craft brewery approach, what we do is complex.

Be as inspired as our storytellers

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    Munich Helles Summer Lager

    Munich Helles is thought to be one of the top expressions of lager in the world. A light golden colour with a malty taste along with a little bit of spice from the noble hops.

    The perfect choice for a hot summer day! Serve chilled and be ready to enjoy.

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    Botano Gin

    Botano gin (pronounced Voh-ta-noh). Originally created as a bespoke one-off gin and is now our first seasonal gin of 2017!

    Inspired by the tastes of the Mediterranean, Botano is Greek for ‘Herb’. Infusing a selection of aromatic herbs with zesty lemon and orange peel makes this gin both fresh and fragrant.