Our Team

Share Our Passion


People at Eden Mill don’t just make products. They create something truly special. Every one of our people work to share our passion for distilling and brewing with the world. We employ people in two workplaces (on site and corporate) from a variety of disciplines. Our workplaces are energetic and our people passionate. We strive for excellence. After all, our goal is to create the best gin, whisky and beer in the world. If you need to contact us for any reason, you’re in the right place.


Our production division make our products, from birth until it’s in our customer’s glass. Exacting standards? Check. Creative flair? Check. The ability to fit inside a barrel? That’s optional.

We have chemists and biologists who fine-tune our stills. Beer connoisseurs who relentlessly experiment. A logistics team who turn barrels into bottles in the blink of an eye. Our creators make it possible to share our passion.


We make beer, whisky and gin. And people all over the world want it. Our sales team are our ambassadors – our hands to do and our ears to listen. Sharing our passion from as close by as our local supermarket, to as far afield as Dubai, California and Japan. It’s not a simple job.


We’re a working brewery and distillery – and a hive of activity. So what better place to share our passion than in the midst of it all? Step up our storytellers, who guide visitors on a journey around our site. And into our mission. We’re the top visitor attraction in Fife, so our guests expect a lot. Some already love what we do. Others are just beginning to.


It’s what we do together that sets us apart. In our corporate office, we strive to perfect and plan. We try to make things better and bigger. We all share one mission – to make the best possible beer, whisky, and gin. Operations staff work from our Glasgow branch.