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Oak Old Tom Gin | Eden Mill Distillery St Andrews

Oak Old Tom Gin



Red Wine Cask Aged Gin | Eden Mill Distillery St Andrews

Red Wine Cask Aged Gin




White Wine Cask Aged Gin | Eden Mill Distillery St Andrews

White Wine Cask Aged Gin



Distiller's Choice

Eden Mill extend new super-premium Distiller’s Choice collection with the addition of two unique cask-aged expressions.

Red Wine Cask-Aged Gin’ and ‘White Wine Cask-Aged Gin’ are limited edition liquids, developed and hand crafted by Eden Mill’s expert senior distilling team, Scott Ferguson and Andrew Walker. The gins join Oak Old Tom Gin in the collection of standout contemporary expressions, which launched in early 2021 winning Silver at the London Spirit Awards in April of this year.The Distiller’s Choice Collection takes Eden Mill back to their craft roots celebrating the best of historic and modern distilling techniques in small batches; the series has been created for gin connoisseurs around the world to enjoy a rich and luxurious taste of St Andrews. Each bottle in the collection has been handpicked by the lead distilling team based on their own personal flavour preferences and interests. Head Distiller Scott Ferguson has chosen a series of citrus forward, fruity gins, while Senior Distiller Andrew Walker’s curated gins include savoury
and spicy flavour profiles.

The Red and White Wine Cask-Aged Gins both started out as Eden Mill Original Gin and were then aged in two different casks, imparting unique flavours in both gins due to the individual ageing process of each cask. Ultimately the cask ageing process has created two completely inimitable and one-of-a-kind liquids.

Eden Mill head distiller Scott Ferguson said: “As Scotland’s first single-site brewery and distillery, we’ve been marrying techniques and experimenting with new flavours since day one. We first brought our fascination for oak from producing whisky together with gin when we created Eden Mill’s Oak Gin in 2015. By experimenting with cask-ageing and also adding oak chips, we found a beautiful way of giving gin a boost of flavour at speed.’

Scott continued: “With the Red and White Wine Cask Aged expressions, the gins were only extracted from their cask at the point we were confident the perfect flavour, colour and wine character had been added to the gin without extracting too many overpowering flavours from the wood of the cask itself.’

Scott’s White Wine Cask-Aged Gin compliments his preference for citrusy, fruity gins, and botanicals: “Ageing this gin for 15 months in a White Burgundy Wine Cask has given it fresh tropical peach and apricot flavours, the perfect flavour compliment to citrus-forward gin.”

Senior Distiller, Andrew enjoys experimenting with unique flavour profiles in gin including savoury, tart and spicy. Andrew chose the Amarone Red Wine Cask due to its full-bodied and rich nature combined with its underlying spice profiles.

He said: “Spice is more often a flavour associated with red wine, these flavours can be imparted into the wine from the barrel. I wanted to explore how these underlying spice notes which are usually associated with red wine and red wine casks would affect the flavour profile when ageing gin in these casks. The gin was aged for 500 days and nights, creating a beautifully aromatic and fruity spiced gin”.