How to Make: Fruit G&T Ice Lollies | Cask Aged White Wine Gin

After trying these gin-infused lollies, you’ll never want a standard one again! Infused with Eden Mill’s Burgundy White Wine Cask Aged Gin, there’s refreshing flavours of lime, peach and raspberries to keep you cool all summer long.

Preparation time: 10 minutes, plus freezing time

Makes: 10




500ml tonic water

60g caster sugar

100ml Eden Mill Burgundy White Wine Cask Aged Gin

3 limes, 1 juiced and zested, 2 thinly sliced

1 peach, finely sliced

20 raspberries




Pour the tonic water into a large jug. Add the caster sugar and stir until fully dissolved and the tonic has lost its fizz. Stir in the gin, lime juice and zest.


Push a couple of slices of peach and a slice of lime into each lolly mould, followed by a couple of raspberries.


Divide the gin and tonic mixture between the moulds.


Close the lids and push in the lolly sticks.


Freeze until solid, preferably overnight. The lollies will last in the freezer for up to two months.

Burgundy White Wine Cask Aged Gin
Burgundy White Wine Cask Aged Gin
Burgundy White Wine Cask Aged Gin
Burgundy White Wine Cask Aged Gin with Glass of Gin Cocktail and slices of lime

Burgundy White Wine Cask Aged Gin

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“Our White Wine Cask Aged Gin has more character than I ever expected. The liquid is still very gin-like, with a lot of juniper coming through, but you get so much influence from the casks.”   


Nose: Full of juicy and fruity aromas.

Taste: Full of tropical and stone fruit aromas, reminiscent of lychee and apricot.

Finish: Zesty, fruity and aromatic on the finish.

42.5% ABV / 70CL