Hip Flask Series

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Single Malt Whisky

The Hip Flask Whisky series is a progressive and pioneering range of single cask expressions of Eden Mill's single malt scotch whisky.

These Eden Mill whiskies are bottled in 20cl bottles to allow as many whisky drinkers as possible to have the chance to savour and enjoy them, as well as making them the perfect whiskies to enjoy from a hip flask.

With this Hip Flask Whisky series our distillers show the creative potential of working with different mashbills, processes and maturation techniques as well as different wood types. They fully demonstrate what authentic small batch whisky distilling can add to the ultimate craft spirits category, single malt whisky.

Each of these special flask whisky bottlings come from what we call a 'honey cask' which is one that our distilling team believe represents an outstanding example of its type.

The different whisky casks themselves vary from Virgin American and French oak to ex-wine cask and ex-port casks and then of course ex-sherry casks of various styles and sizes.

The different mashbills include the use of chocolate malt, crystal malt, brown malt, peated malt and pale malt of various types.

This Hip Flask whisky series has evolved over time and we really hope whisky drinkers will enjoy a great experimental journey with us exploring and sharing our passion together.

Hip Flask Whisky No 16 and No 17 was the final instalment in our Hip Flask Series.

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