Forager Gin

40% ABV / 70CL


Forager Gin

Raspberry, strawberry, gooseberry, wildernesS

A Scottish berries gin inspired by nature: focusing on sweet and lightly tart flavours. Taking inspiration from countryside hedgerows, this very rich and juicy gin focuses on red berry notes. Almost jam-like in profile, Forager has a lingering raspberry/blackberry character perfect for a Summer refreshment. 

Best served with raspberry lemonade or a premium tonic, garnished with a handful of raspberries and strawberry slices. Forager is perfect in a Bramble cocktail. 

40% ABV / 70CL



Hedgerows are like tiny forests, providing food and shelter for countless species. They are their own complete ecosystems, with animals and plants relying on each other - it’s a world in itself, hidden from the outside. Hedgerows are under threat, however, and are being destroyed at an increasingly alarming rate. Our Forager Gin is made with berries you can find in Scottish hedgerows in the hopes of retaining them for generations to come.

By making this gin from berries that can be foraged from Scottish hedgerows, Eden Mill is looking after an important part of the British countryside and is highlighting the plight and importance of these little ecosystems. This illustration shows the little worlds contained within!



Rich, vibrant and juicy, full of red berry aromas. Lively and candied.


Sweet and tart, with strong raspberry and redcurrant flavours. Has a slight grassiness underneath, along with a jam-like sweetness.


The sweet berry flavour remains on the palate, leaving a berry boiled-sweet character.