Chocolate & Chilli Gin 50CL Martini Glass Gift Set

Bon Box Collaboration


Chocolate & Chilli Gin 50CL Martini Glass Gift Set

Eden Mil x Bon Box Collaboration - ONLY 50 SETS AVAILABLE.

We’re excited to reveal our latest collaboration with Bon Box, a luxury handmade artisan chocolatier, based in Edinburgh. We worked closely with Bon Box to create two bespoke chocolates exclusively for Eden Mill to perfectly complement our limited edition Chocolate and Chilli Gin.

Valencian Orange Chocolate Buttons: Exquisite, Belgian white chocolate, blended with creamy caramel, infused with the thrill of orange to excite and reward.

Dark Coffee Chocolate Buttons: Deep roasted coffee combined with the creamy sensation of roasted cocoa and slight hint of sweetness, revel in the depth and luxury as they sparkle of silver.

Our limited edition Chocolate & Chilli Gin, is a sweet chocolate-pudding like flavour, with a fiery chilli kick, which we think pairs perfectly with a Valencian Orange Tonic or as the base spirit in an espresso martini. Our collaboration with Bon Box has resulted in the creation of a Valencian chocolate orange button to complement our Valencian orange perfect serve and dark coffee chocolate buttons to complement the perfect cocktail serve of an espresso martini.

What's in the gift set?

Each Eden Mill x Bon Box collaboration gift set will include 1 x Chocolate & Chilli Gin, 2 x Eden Mill etched Martini Glasses, 1 pack of 5 Bon Box artisan Valencian chocolate orange buttons, 1 pack of 5 Bon Box artisan dark coffee chocolate buttons, beautifully presented in a premium Eden Mill gift box. 

40% ABV / 50cl. 

The Chocolate & Chilli Gin Bon Box collaboration gift set is exclusively available at EDENMILL.COM. Read more here:


An initial light juniper aroma followed by drinking chocolate-esk notes with an underlying chilli scent and a hint of vanilla at the end.


A light resinous juniper before a sweet, chocolate pudding-like flavour on the palate. Then a fiery chilli spice character kicks in.


Lingering chilli heat with a light vanilla chocolate sauce finish.