White Wine Cask Aged Gin



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White Wine Cask Aged Gin


Eden Mill’s Original Gin meets wine-seasoned wood, and magic happens. The cask imparts a subtle memory of the original liquid, adding layers of complexity while retaining all the character of the spirit. 


For our White Wine Cask Gin, Head Distiller Scott Ferguson looked to the Burgundy region of France. Perhaps best known for red wine, the region also produces some of the finest - and most expensive - whites in the world. And it was to the whites that Scott looked as he set about creating a fresh, citrus-forward gin.  


The result is a zesty, aromatic spirit with notes of tropical peach and apricot, reflecting some of Scott’s favourite botanicals, such as bergamot and kaffir lime. He readily admits the finished product is even better than he’d hoped. 


“The gin has more character than I ever expected. The liquid is still very gin-like, with a lot of juniper coming through, but you get so much influence from the casks.”   

Scott Ferguson, Head Distiller 


Taste our White Wine Cask Gin alongside our Red Wine Cask Gin to explore how different casks and ageing profiles influence the character and flavour of the finished spirit. 


42.5% ABV / 70cl