Whisky Barrel Beer

Whisky Barrel aged for 3months

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Whisky Barrel Beer

This Whisky Barrel Craft Beer will never disappoint. It's always going to be classed as limited edition because we use different distillery casks. This was the first beer crossover from brewery to distillery. It's a perfect marriage of brewing and distilling skills. Our Whisky Barrel is aged in different whisky barrels making it smooth, easy and very pleasant to drink. It generally has a gentle hop aroma with more powerful hints of honeyed sweetness and toasted oak on the nose.

Luxury limited edition beer

Each limited edition batch will have a different palate and flavour from the last. During the process, it will be left to age for between 60 and 100 days before bottling. It is not an 'everyday' beer but instead can be classed as a truly luxury Scottish beer that can be best enjoyed in good company. ABV 6%+ Comes in 330ml bottles. If you prefer, why not consider trying a selection of Eden Mill craft beers in our craft beer gift pack.


Slightly smokey with malt driven sweetness.


Slightly smokey with hints of vanilla and dark toasted malts.


Light dry sweetness.