Treble Treble Gin - Collaboration with Celtic Football Club

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Of Celtic Football Club


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Treble Treble Gin - Collaboration with Celtic Football Club

The Trinity Collaboration Gin has been created to celebrate the incredible achievement of Celtic Football Club winning three back-to-back domestic trebles in seasons 16/17, 17/18, and 18/19.

Working alongside Celtic Football Club, the Eden Mill team has crafted this special product which adds to our recent collaboration spirits. The gin is made from 9 botanicals, each one representing the trophies won in the past three seasons. Some of the botanicals include Pink Peppercorn, Scots Pine Resin, Angelica Root and Orange Peel; which delivers a crisp, clean peppery spice, fading to a lingering, floral meadowsweet.

New Gin. New Look 

In previous years, we have produced popular spirits such as the Invincibles Gin and the Double Treble Gin which featured in our classic white ceramic bottles. However, for this limited release, we’ve have used our brand new signature glass bottle, as we feel the Treble Treble is so special, it should be treated differently. The bottle has been tinted green and is branded with the Celtic FC crest on the bottle cap

50CL / 40% ABV

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Very zesty, with sweet lemon and orange notes dominating the nose. An almost powdery earthy flavour works beside the citrus.


Juicy, almost marmalade-like, with light pepper and floral notes underneath.


Finishes with a crisp, clean peppery spice which fades to a lingering, floral meadowsweet.