The St Andrews Bundle

3 x New Glass Bottles


The St Andrews Bundle


Discover the taste of our new premium sustainable glass bottle gins, which use 18% less glass that a standard industry bottle. Our St Andrews gin bundle is perfect for pairing with a meal and makes a great G&T.

These three gins compliment each other and would make the perfect gift for any gin lover. Enjoy them perfectly served with tonic, your own choice of mixer or use them to create one of our classic cocktails. 

This bundle includes:

Golf Gin

Inspired by the ocean view of St Andrews Links, we created a seaweed base, with fresh pine to transport us to windswept fairways, and quintessentially Scottish heather adding a floral undertone.

Red Snapper Gin

A Red Snapper is a Bloody Mary made with gin-  a far classier affair, in our opinion. Inspired by the red snapper cocktail, this is a fruity and spicy gin with an savoury character.

Neptune Gin

This is a coastal-inspired gin using kombu seaweed with a focus on a fresh, herbal profile such as samphire. Distilled with Scottish seaweed in order to give a hint of brininess along with a gentle smoky/seashore character.


3 x 70cl | 40ABV. Golf Gin 42ABV.