The Clock Red Ale

Tradition Scottish Red Ale

4.3% ABV - 330ml


The Clock Red Ale

The Clock Red Craft Ale was the first Eden Mill ale to be brewed at St Andrews. Locals demanded that the old clock on 'The Mill' wall kept ticking when we started brewing. So we named the beer out of respect for them and the clock. It's beer o'clock so let's raise a glass to them all and to the tradition of brewing at St Andrews. The Clock red craft ale is a traditional ale with a historic tone. We wanted to create a beer reminiscent of the beer that would have been drunk at the time of the Seggie distillery. Amber in colour, this pale malt beer is our take on a traditional Scottish red ale. It's a hoppy brew with hints of pepperiness the sweetness of caramel from our dark crystal malt. We know you'll enjoy. 4.3% ABV

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Comes in 330ml bottles. If you prefer, why not consider trying a selection of Eden Mill craft beers in our beer gift pack.


Caramel sweetness and red berries.


Malty sweetness followed by juicy fruit hops.


Very clean effervescent fizz spicy and peppery dry finish.