Summer Spritz Bundle

3 x New Glass Bottles


Summer Spritz Bundle


Discover the taste of our new premium sustainable glass bottle gins, which use 18% less glass that a standard industry bottle. Our zesty Summer Spritz bundle is full of flavour and refreshing for Summer.

These three gins compliment each other and would make the perfect gift for any gin lover. Enjoy them perfectly served with tonic, your own choice of mixer or use them to create one of our fruity cocktails. 

This bundle includes:

Original Gin

A customer favourite, Original Gin is our take on a classic London dry – with a St. Andrews twist. 42ABV.

Forbidden Gin

Super juicy, sweet and very refreshing but made from forbidden fruits! This gin is clean on the nose, with fresh apple, pear and quince notes. 40 ABV.

Nine Islands Gin

Welcome to paradise! Lime and coriander, inspired by flavours paired in Thai cuisine, create a zesty and aromatic expression. Lime peel ensures the gin is bright and fresh. 40ABV.


3 x 70cl