Strawberry & Black Pepper Scottish Gin Liqueur Gift Set

Scottish Gin Liqueur

25% ABV - 35CL


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Strawberry & Black Pepper Scottish Gin Liqueur Gift Set

  • Strawberry & Black Pepper Scottish Gin Liqueur 35CL
  • Bespoke Gin Goblet
  • Presentation Box

We at Eden Mill love to play with contrasting flavours and our Strawberry and Cracked Black Pepper is one of our proudest results. At first sniff this rich pink-coloured spirit is packed with sweet strawberry. One sip releases the heat of the pepper and the two flavours combine to create a spice-driven sweet liqueur that leaves a tingle of hot fruit on the finish.

Enjoy our Strawberry and Black Pepper Scottish Gin Liqueur over ice topped with soda, a dash of bitters and fresh strawberry slices, or splash a measure into your favourite fizz. For a quick and tasty short cocktail, mix with spiced rum, fresh lime juice and crushed ice Best served in our Strawberry & Black Pepper goblet.

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Super Strawberry with a light hint of spice. 


Warming spirit with a strong taste of gin coming through, all topped with Strawberry sweetness. 


The spice of the pepper rounds the overall flavour, creating a perfect balance between the strawberry and the black pepper.