St Andrews Blonde

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3.8% ABV - 330ml

St Andrews Blonde

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A refreshing and very drinkable craft beer, Eden Mill's St Andrews Blonde Craft Beer is our only single malt and single hopped beer. It has loads of hoppy attitude and a flavour profile spanning apricot to pineapple and grapefruit.

Blonde beers can vary from the Majestic to the Mundane. We think ours as more of a Marilyn rather than a Munter. Best served chilled, we defy you to try this and not fall in love.

With the ingredients we use, and their origins, our St Andrews Blonde craft beer is full of personality.

St Andrews Blonde craft beer flavour

The primary hop in this beer delivers a strong fruit flavour ranging from apricot to pineapple, yet has a balancing grapefruit bitterness on the palate. It has stacks of taste, body and aroma and is hugely drinkable at just 3.8% ABV. Its unique flavour is largely down to the Galaxy hop we use. Our brewers love it. Our accountant doesn’t. Comes in 330ml bottles. If you prefer, why not consider trying a selection of Eden Mill craft beers in our craft beer gift pack.


Tropical hints of apricot and pineapple.


Malty biscuit and Summer fruits.


Light and juicy.