Sour Cherry and Coconut Liqueur

Limited Seasonal Liqueur

20% ABV / 50 CL


Sour Cherry and Coconut Liqueur

Treat yourself to this Sour Cherry & Coconut Gin Liqueur and envision strolling along tropical sands.
This limited edition gin liqueur is the remaining batch of a limited edition offering. Sour Cherry and Coconut Gin Liqueur captures the light sweetness of fresh fruit with tropical notes, sour cherries and coconut.
Based with Eden Mill's award-winning Original Gin, the result is a tropical-infused liqueur adding a strong juniper character which shines through.


This rich pink Gin Liqueur has notes of sweet fresh cherries, with tropical notes of coconut.
Sour Cherry and Coconut Liqueur has been a seasonal favourite at Gatwick Airport this summer. Reminisce of the summer months with this liqueur before it runs out. Best be quick...once it's gone, it's gone!!
Serve with a premium tonic over ice and garnish with pineapple.