Single Batch

Our single batch releases are where we experiment. Available in limited quantities.

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Rock Liquor Scotch Ale

Eden Mill has made its brand new Rock Liquor Scotch Ale just for you to enjoy as a wonderful winter beer. You’ll love it because it’s perfect for delivering warmth on a cold day or after a long hike.

Andrew (one of our distillers) says “It’s bliss in a bottle. Complex and sweet with a little burn”.

At 9.2% ABV, who are we to argue!

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Munich Helles Summer Lager

Munich Helles is thought to be one of the top expressions of lager in the world. A light golden colour with a malty taste along with a little bit of spice from the noble hops.

The perfect choice for a hot summer day! Serve chilled and be ready to enjoy.

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Imperfect Storm Sweet Milk Stout

This is a beer to enjoy – not to keep. Store cold, drink fresh and be at one with your imperfections.

This storm of flavour begins with a full-bodied sweetness. Underlying roasted and raisin flavours then permeate the spicy hop profile balancing the beer.

Supplied in 330ml bottles at 4.5% ABV

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Eden Mill Bar Runner

Ideal for protecting your serving area and enhancing your serving display. Also protects your glassware from breakages.

Core Beer

Core is our staple range. Available to enjoy year round from all good stockists.

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Weize Guy Beer

Our first Red Wheat beer. Award winning.

This craft beer delivers banana and clove to arrest both nose and palate in equal measure.

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Craft Shipwreck IPA Bottles

Refreshing, tropical fruit aroma from this Pale Ale.

Shipwreck IPA is big and hoppy with lots of sweet tropical fruit notes and always best served chilled.

Not too bitter on the forefront with mellowed hop aromas due to long conditioning periods.

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Craft Beer Gift Pack

A unique gift for the craft beer lover in your life… it doesn’t just stop at the beer.

This gift box also includes a voucher for two people to come on our famous Eden Mill brewery tour.

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Chilli and Ginger Porter

Excite your tired taste buds with our Chilli & Ginger Porter.

A mixture of toasted malts with spicy ginger tones that tingle on the tongue!

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19th Brew Beer

A refreshing, deliciously drinkable and well balanced golden beer.

This bright, light, hoppy citrusy ale is sooooo refreshing.  Only one thing can follow it – that’s another round!

Speciality Beer

Speciality is where we use rare ingredients or time-intensive methods to raise the complexity of our brews.

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Whisky Barrel Beer

Luxury whisky beer – It is not an ‘everyday’ beer but instead can be classed as a truly luxury Scottish beer that can be best enjoyed in the presence of good company.

Each limited edition batch will have a different palate and flavour from the last and will be left to age for between 60 and 100 days before bottling.

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Bourbon Barrel Beer

Bourbon Barrel Beer was the first beer to be aged and allowed to mature in oak barrels at the Eden Mill brewery.  Inspired by tradition when all beer was casked and served from oak barrels.

A bronze SIBA award winner, our Bourbon barrel is rich with chocolate and vanilla flavours.