2 Year Old Oak Aged Spirit

2 Year Old Oak Aged Spirit

2 Year Old Oak Aged Spirit – A project to test variations in malt bill and the impact on final flavour.

Our 2 Year Old Oak Aged Spirit will be ready soon. This is a limited edition 20cl release. Every set comes with a Glencairn Copita Whisky Glass – perfect for whisky nosing and tasting.Our 2 Year Old Oak Aged Spirit is a ‘work in progress’ for our upcoming single-malt whisky. Because of the limited nature of this release, fill in the form below to register your interest.

2 Year Old Oak Aged Spirit – the journey

Because the character of the Eden Mill grain spirit is determined by a combination of oak, yeast, spirit cut and malt bill, it’s beneficial to study these combinations over the course of maturation. This ensures our spirit is of the highest quality. Our team wanted to identify the impact which a malt bill (the selection of malts chosen to create the base spirit) would have on the final spirit’s character.

We planned our cask selection to create a unique spirit after 3 years; using a wide portfolio of casks from bourbon, to red wine, port and virgin oak. Our yeast was chosen because of the interesting characteristics of the strain. We sampled different cuts of spirit until we were pleased with the quality of the cut.

Our final decision was to decide which malts should comprise our base spirits which enter our casks. Three different variations of malts were brewed and distilled, and put into near identical US virgin oak casks. Due to the only major variable being the malt bill, you can witness the changing colour and character of our spirit.

As these 3 variations of spirit aged over time, over the last 2 years we have released a new-make unaged spirit, and a 1 year old version of the spirit. We’re proud of the quality of our 2 year spirit, which is influenced strongly by the oak, but the significant difference from base spirit is still evident.

The three malt bills used were as follows:

St Andrew’s day – 100% Golden Promise Pale Malt 


  • Colour: Light Honey
  • Nose: Huge toasted malts, cereal and biscuity, mild alcohol notes
  • Palate: Biscuity sweetness with pine and oaky flavours
  • Finish: Drying light bitterness

When water is added to the 43% St Andrew’s day it opens up the nose to a spicy resinous flavour that wasn’t there before.

Hogmanay – 89% Golden Promise Pale and 11% Chocolate Malt  

Hogmanay 1 year old new make spirit

  • Colour: Light Honey
  • Nose: Sweet latte coffee, spicy with a hint of herbalness
  • Palate: Woody bitterness ending with burnt toast and dark chocolate bitterness
  • Finish: Huge chocolate bitterness that is very long

Burns Day – 89% Golden Promise, 5.5% Brown malt and 5.5% Crystal Malt 

Burns Day 1 year old spirit

  • Colour: Light honey with a golden hue
  • Nose:  Beeswax, plasticine, light summer fruits
  • Palate: Honey sweetness, Alcohol burn
  • Finish: Long and dry with alcoholic

Because we’re all so involved, we’ve been lucky to witness the spirit develop through the first two releases; enjoying the changes the maturation has brought. We are now into the second year of this experiment where the oak is having a more pronounced impact and the malt bills are showing their depth and complexity in the young spirit. We really hope you – our customers – are enjoying the experience that we are taking you on and also the spirit we are proud to be creating.