Golf Gin

Golf Gin




The 2017 golfing season is underway and Golf Gin is the seasonal gin for golfers to enjoy. It was created in 2016 by Eden Mill in homage to the spirit of golf in St Andrews. While stocks last, we’re giving away a colourful FREE promotional bag with every bottle (sorry but you can’t choose the bag colour).

Since it’s launch, Golf gin has been a perfect refreshment to enjoy when you reach the 19th hole. During the 2017 US Masters, it was highly popular and we expect this to continue throughout the golfing season.

At home or in your local golf clubhouse, a refreshing Golf Gin & tonic (G & Tee) is a very civilised way of socialising and enjoying golf tournaments on TV.

Golf Competition and Medal prizes

Because of its heritage and popular flavour, in local medals or competitions, winners and runners-up of ladies or gents medals appreciate Golf Gin as prizes. The Golf Gin Gift Box Set is ideal for ladies and gents tournaments and medals. It comes complete with 2 Tulip gin glasses as standard. The Golf gin gift set can also be considered for birthdays and special events throughout the year particularly for golfers in your life.

The synergy of hickory with gin

The St Andrews Golf Company evokes bygone days of hickory shafted clubs. We’ve used seasoned hickory in the production of Golf Gin to create a unique flavour; a modern seasonal gin on a classic theme. Golf gin is made in collaboration with golf institutes and our distillers use botanicals from golf courses local to St Andrews.

You’ll taste the sweet lemongrass notes left on the palate with bursts of mild pepperiness, there are also strong hints of lime, coriander and aromatic spice.

Golf gin is great served in a Tulip gin glass with a light tonic, a couple of ice cubes and a twist of orange or lime peel.

The Fentimans range of mixers is now available to complement Eden Mill Golf Gin.

Highlights of Golf Gin

  • 50cl ceramic pottery bottle
  • 42% vol.

Key Botanical information

  • Juniper berries
  • Angelica
  • Heather flower
  • Rhubarb root
  • Red clover
  • Blueberries
  • Star anise


  • A nice hit of juniper up front
  • A light freshness from the coriander and an earthy spiciness from the rhubarb root
  • The earthiness is well balanced from a hint of anise and floral aromas from the red clover flowers and heather


  • Rhubarb and marshmallow root give a spicy complexity to the gin
  • The coriander and the spicy botanicals keep the juniper in check to give a gin that’s earthy in flavour
  • Clean, fresh finish

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Please enjoy responsibly.