Rock Liquor Scotch Ale

Rock Liquor Scotch Ale




Eden Mill has launched its brand new small batch Rock Liquor Scotch Ale just for you to enjoy. As a wonderful beer at an ambient temperature, you’ll love it because it’s perfect for delivering a feeling of warmth on a cold day or after a long hike. Or, serve chilled straight from the fridge on a warm day – absolutely the best of both worlds.

When you drink Rock Liquor, you’ll immediately taste it’s caramelised tones. Full of body, it gives a seriously earthy finish to your palate. Copper in colour, Rock Liquor uses sweeter roasted malts and rich dark sugar.  Because of this, it’s ideal with cheese platters. You can order your Rock Liquor to enjoy on its own or to be added to other beers you choose in a mixed beer order.  You’ve got the choice of a number of craft ales and beer that you can add to your basket to give you a great variety to enjoy and share. You can also buy the beer gift pack which has a combination of our core craft beers as standard.

Andrew (one of our expert distillers) says “It’s bliss in a bottle. Complex and sweet with a little burn”. Because our distillers are the real masters of their art, who are we to argue!

Fermentation and strength combined

With its 86 day fermentation period at 9.2% ABV it’s seriously strong. Supplied in 330ml bottles to enjoy.

Because of the length of time it takes to brew, it has a smoother finish than you might expect for a high APV ale.