19th Brew Beer

19th Brew Beer




The 19th hole deserves a special beer – our 19th Brew Craft Beer. This bright, light, hoppy citrusy ale is sooooo refreshing.  Best served chilled, only one thing can follow it – that’s another round!

Our 19th Brew craft beer is a refreshingly delicious, very drinkable and well balanced Golden Beer. It has hints of citrus and a slightly hoppy character. We use pale rye, lager malt, caramalt and wheat. This is complemented by a generous helping of first gold and cascade hops. What you get is a very refreshing beer with a broad appeal.

Tasty and thirst quenching

With just enough citrus and hop to quench the thirst, it packs enough tang and tingle to encourage you to ask for another.

Well worthy of a round, the 19th Brew is now offered to thirsty golfers on the 9th hole of the famous ‘Old Course’ in St Andrews.

Supplied in 330ml bottles at 3.9% vol

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