Shipwreck IPA Beer (24 Case)


6.2% ABV - 330ML


Shipwreck IPA Beer (24 Case)

The flavoursome bottled Craft Shipwreck IPA is an Indian Pale Ale that is big and hoppy with lots of sweet tropical fruit notes. Not too bitter on the forefront with mellowed hop aromas due to long conditioning periods. Pay homage to a proper local hero and raise a glass of Shipwreck IPA to young John Honey. Johnny risked his life for five stricken sailors. It's the true spirit of St Andrews. A refreshing, tropical fruit aroma with a mellow floral hop character which leads to a dense hoppy body. A good bitterness develops alongside ripe, fruity notes, mellowing into a sweet finish. 6.2% ABV - Comes in 330ml bottles. Always best served chilled

This case includes 24 bottles - ideal for BBQ's, festivals and nights in.