Serendipity Gin

40% ABV / 70CL


Serendipity Gin

Dandelion, burdock, liquorice root, fate.

Dandelion and burdock is sweet and floral with a root beer-esque character. This gin is sweet and rooty in aroma, with a very fresh and aromatic candied character. Has a light floral hint up front, before the almost-oily sweet root beer-esque profile grounds the gin with its slight hint of spice.

Best served with dandelion and burdock or lemonade, garnished with a wedge of lemon. This gin also tastes great mixed with a premium tonic.

Why not try making our Dreams of Serendipity cocktail for a fun, sweet serve. 

40% ABV / 70CL



An intense, herbal play on the soft drink, our gin is inspired by the earliest account of a dandelion & burdock drink.

St. Thomas Aquinas prayed for inspiration as he walked into the countryside, and then made a drink with the first plants he found. This special concoction of dandelion and burdock created a moment of serendipity.

The illustration captures this moment of serendipity and showcases the key botanicals against a backdrop of this ancient philosopher brewing himself a potion with his foraged herbs.