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Limited Edition Gins



Our collection of Limited Edition Eden Mill Gins offers a delicious selection of luxury gins that are all a must-have addition to any gin lover's collection. Get your hands on these limited edition gins before they sell out, or be disappointed!

As we move towards a greener future here at Eden Mill, we have a selection of luxury speciality gins which we will not be reproducing. We have compiled this selection of end of range luxury gins to create our Limited Edition Gin Collection.

These Limited Edition Gins all come in sustainable glass bottles, which use 18% less glass than a standard industry gin bottle. This not only makes them gorgeous to look at, but better for the environment too! We think this is a brilliant way to showcase how we are producing and bottling our luxury gins responsibly whilst still creating beautiful limited edition gins which look stunning on your home bar and make for wonderful gin gifts.