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Scottish Rugby Gin


Bottleneck scarf included


Scottish Rugby Gin

We've brought back the limited edition Scottish Rugby tartan bottleneck scarf for your Scottish Rugby Gin bottle.

There are a lot of things we love at Eden Mill and at the top of the list, right next to gin, is rugby. We love these two things so much that we've decided to celebrate them simultaneously by creating a brand new, totally unique and utterly original Scottish Rugby Gin which can be enjoyed throughout the Natwest 6 Nations. 

Our recent tipple has been crafted to signify the strong partnership between our company and Scottish Rugby. Scotland's players came to our distillery in St Andrews and got their hands dirty while choosing our new gin's flavours and qualities, including a magical little botanical called milk thistle, known for its restorative medical properties. Scotland's players have been a key part of the invention and production process of Eden Mill's latest (and possibly greatest) and we couldn't be prouder of their efforts.

We may have created this gin to celebrate Scottish Rugby but the bottle itself is a homage to a few fascinating elements of Scottish and drinking, history:

  • we are continuing the Eden Mill tradition with our award-winning ceramic bottles, a material similar to the traditional stoneware used for some of Scotland's first whisky and ginger beer bottles

  • our label incorporates the Scottish Rugby logo in the form of a thistle, Scotland's national flower and a symbol of the wild highlands



Pine and juniper notes followed by grainy hay notes with a hint of menthol, chamomile and lavender.


Spicy and floral with a hint of citrus and then the black cardamom shines through. Smoky, menthol and spicy.


Light but lingering of the menthol, spice, chamomile and juniper pine.