Rosa Rosa Gin

40% ABV / 70CL


Rosa Rosa Gin

Rosehip, rose, summer fruits, contemplation

Rosa damascena and rosa canina: the damask rose and the dog rose combine to make this delicate, floral gin, reminiscent of sakura blossom in springtime.

Rose petal and rosehip: aromatic and candied, light spice. Initially perfumed and sweet on the nose, this gin has a light spice that differentiates from the usual rose petal/Turkish delight flavours.

Best served with rose soda or a premium tonic, garnished with a handful of raspberries. Why not try making a French 75 cocktail, served in a Champagne flute, for a refreshing Summer serve!

40% ABV / 70CL


Eden Mill are inviting you to to step into our rose garden and discover the enchanting story of Rosa Rosa Gin.

With it’s name deriving from the latin roots of the two main botanicals: rosehip and rose petals, the story of Rosa Rosa Gin invites you to join us for the next chapter within the secret rose garden of Love Gin. Eden Mill are inviting you to step into our garden, were dogs never bite, roses ramble and cherry trees bloom all year round and relax with a faithful friend and Rosa Rosa Gin.

Can you spot the bounding dog within this illustration? This is a reference to rosehip root - Rosa Canina, named for the ancient belied that the roots of the flower was the cure for the bite of a dog...


Awarded Bronze Medal for Flavoured Gin of the Year at the Scottish Gin Awards 2021