Roasted Martini

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8% ABV - 250ml


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Roasted Martini

Roasted Martini Oak Gin Cocktail - Now available to buy individually from the Mixology range. The perfect sipping cocktail you can serve from a convenient 250ml aluminium bottle. Fusing the rich, roasted flavour of coffee beans and vanilla pods with our Oak Gin, we have created a warming, bittersweet taste.  The Roasted Martini Oak Gin Cocktail is part of the Mixology range. You can add individual flavours such as Basil Smash, Berry Bramble or Citrus Fizz. If you only feel like trying one of each, save money by buying the Mixology Pack. This contains one of each of the above flavours and comes complete with an etch-branded Mixology Project Gin Goblet.

Serving suggestion for the Roasted Martini Oak Gin Cocktail

Serve in a large goblet with plenty of ice, garnish with a stick of cinnamon. The Eden Mill Mixology Gin Goblet is the perfect goblet to serve your Basil Smash in. Plenty of room for ice and garnish.