Refunds, problems, & returns

We want your Eden Mill experience to be flawless. If you buy your experience online (by booking a tour or buying an Eden Mill product), this page explains how we’ll handle Refunds Problems and Returns.


If you have problems, please get in touch with us right away. We’ll work on fixing the problem as a priority, and we will make all our best efforts to make sure your experience is perfected. Consumer rights are a complex area, so the conditions below here may apply. But always remember that UK consumers have strong statutory rights. We’ll always respect these (good guest service always does!).


You have up to 14 days to change your mind about anything you buy from us. If you bought it online, the 14 days begin when the goods reach your delivery address. If your order is sent as multiple parcels, the 14 days starts when your last parcel is delivered (excluding pre-orders). You can return the product by e-mailing us within 14 days. You should tell us clearly why you are cancelling/returning because the reason may affect your statutory rights.

You can’t return any perishable liquids (beer, spirits, etc.) if you’ve broken the seal unless the contents are faulty. Please telephone us if the contents of your liquid are faulty because we need to know right away.


To return a product, send it to us in a safe way. The easiest way to do this in the UK is usually at a Post Office. You need to make sure the goods you’re refunding can’t be damaged in transit.


We’ll refund to the debit or credit card you used with us, unless you ask us to pay to a different card.

We’ll refund you after we have received the goods your returning. We’ll also refund the cost of our outbound standard delivery charge to you. (If you opted for express delivery, the difference isn’t refunded unless the goods are faulty.) If the product is perishable, and our distillers assess it as faulty, we’ll pay you for reasonable return delivery costs too; make sure you tell us how much you paid. If the product isn’t perishable, a retail operative will assess its faultiness and decide whether we should cover your reasonable return shipping costs.

In-person experiences

Tours, tastings, and other in-person experiences are classed as event tickets under UK consumer regulations, and have a more limited right to cancel. Our policy is more generous than these limited rights: we’ll refund you if you cancel at least 24 hours before your experience was scheduled to start. You should contact us to cancel.

Payment facilitators

Buying online often means you’ll use a payment facilitator (like Barclaycard, PayPal, etc.). Some of these companies provide facilities to complain to them about the goods you received, for instance by querying a payment on your bill. If you use these facilities, we will in turn only deal with you via those facilities. Once you use the facility (e.g. by raising a PayPal dispute), the terms set out by that business will be used instead. These terms may be more limited than the ones offered here.