Red Wine Cask Aged Gin


Red Wine Cask Aged Gin

award winning Red Wine Cask Gin has been aged for 500 days and nights in an Italian Red Amarone Cask.


Eden Mill Distiller’s Choice Italian Amarone Red Wine Cask Gin won a Gold Medal for Cask Gin of the Year at the Scottish Gin Awards 2021.


The Distiller’s Choice Collection takes Eden Mill back to our craft roots celebrating the best of historic and modern distilling techniques in small batches; the series has been created for gin connoisseurs around the world to enjoy a rich and luxurious taste of St Andrews. 

The Red and White Wine Cask Gins reflect the personal flavour profile preferences of both lead distillers at Eden Mill, and also their passion for ageing gins using oak. They join the first release of The Distiller’s Choice Collection, Oak Old Tom Gin, which won Silver Award at the London Spirit Awards in April.

70CL / 42.5% ABV. Filled on 27/03/2018

CRAFTED BY SENIOR Distiller, Andrew Walker

Senior Distiller Andrew Walker:

This gin is perfect for anyone who, like me enjoys an aromatic gin flavour. Lightly sweet red berry notes marry beautifully with a hint of vanilla and cassia spice, it’s delicious served with premium tonic and a piece of stone fruit such as a cherry. This gin also has a naturally deep, rich colour having been aged for 500 days and nights in a Red Wine Amarone Cask.”


Perfect Serve

Serve over ice with a premium tonic and a piece of stone fruit such as a cherry.


The Red Wine Cask Gin is made to be tasted side by side with the White Wine Cask Gin, we encourage you to explore how different casks and the ageing profiles can affect the flavour profiles in gin. Any flavours that you can taste in one gin that are unique from the other have been imparted by the cask ageing process, so this shows how much flavour influence the cask ageing process can have. Both casks were filled with Eden Mill Original Gin two months apart.