Red Wine Cask Aged Gin



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Red Wine Cask Aged Gin


Eden Mill’s Original Gin meets wine-seasoned wood, and magic happens. The cask imparts a subtle memory of the original liquid, adding layers of complexity while retaining all the character of the spirit. 


For our Red Wine Cask Gin, Head Distiller Scott Ferguson looked to Italy’s Verona region. The casks he chose first nurtured amarone, a full-bodied red wine with a ripe, raisin-like fruitiness. Our gin languished a full 500 days in the wood, developing a blush of colour along with a fascinating aroma and flavour. Spice and fruit combine in this distinctive, memorable gin, the winner of a Gold Medal for the Scottish Cask Gin of the Year in 2021. 


This gin is perfect for anyone who, like me, enjoys an aromatic gin flavour. Lightly sweet red-berry notes marry beautifully with a hint of vanilla and cassia spice. It’s delicious served with premium tonic and a piece of stone fruit, such as a cherry. This gin also has a naturally deep, rich colour.”  

Scott Ferguson, Head Distiller  


Taste our Red Wine Cask Gin alongside our White Wine Cask Gin to explore how different casks and ageing profiles influence the character and flavour of the finished spirit. 


42.5% ABV / 70cl