Red Snapper Gin

40% ABV / 70CL


Red Snapper Gin

Tomato, chilli, angelica, conflict, rivalry


A Red Snapper is a Bloody Mary made with gin-  a far classier affair, in our opinion. Inspired by the red snapper cocktail, this is a fruity and spicy gin. This gin has an almost savoury character, coupled with a gentle spice and overall light sweetness.

Best served with tomato juice or a premium tonic, garnished with a celery stick or wedge of lime. For a more adventurous serve, try using as the base to a Red Snapper cocktail.

40% ABV / 70CL



Inspired by the original feuding princesses, Mary and Elizabeth, our gin is the elegant sister – a queen amongst gins – and this fiery tipple is the perfect base for the most famous of brunch cocktails. 

We believe, in the world of cocktails, the Red Snapper is a classier, more refined version of the Bloody Mary - Bloody Mary’s elegant sister (and it was Elizabeth who won the throne in the end!). 

Rather than focus on this as simply a cocktail ingredient, this illustration dives into the rich history of Bloody Mary and her familial rival Elizabeth; playing with the legend of their rivalry and the narrative of ‘the cooler sister’. Elizabeth was brilliant, tactical and the height of elegance, while Mary was pampered and romantic, but reckless...

The illustration sees the two princesses back to back, side-eyeing each other, and the initials on their necklaces add another layer, reading E and M - pinpointing who’s who, but also adding a reference to Eden Mill!


Best enjoyed with a side of gossip and is a great accompaniment for plotting to overthrow your siblings.