Our Mission


What makes the difference?


1. Qualified Distillers

Our distillers are all fully qualified in their science as well as practised in their art. Eden Mill employs six fully qualified distillers and two trainee distillers. This is without doubt the highest number of distillers per litre of whisky of any distillery in Scotland

2. Best Quality

For barley we use a very high percentage of golden promise barley. Although famous for its use in the Macallan single malt, it is grown locally to our distillery. It is more expensive than many other pale malted barleys but it produces a really great spirit and we are small enough not to be governed by penny pinching remote accountants

3. Hand-Crafted

Our distilling process is lengthy with fermentation lasting near to 4 days. We also select our cut manually which gives the distillers scope to make decisions based on taste and experience rather than machines optimising yield

4. Detail

Our cask and wood selection policy is rigorous. We only use first fill and Virgin oak casks for over 95% of our whisky maturation. Many of these are also smaller sizes and thus enhanced and faster maturation can take effect without any compromise to quality

Whisky Tour

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What sets us apart

There are many other areas where we believe we are raising the bar in standards. From our unique distillery and brewery based on a single site just a couple of miles west of the famous home of golf at St Andrews, our culture is deep-rooted in a glorious distilling and brewing history. We revived distilling at this iconic location from where the Haig family made spirits and beer during the 19th century. Innovative new wood is used to mature our whisky.

For our discerning customers and those just interested in how we do what we do, we offer a genuine choice of exciting new whisky expressions from new make spirit. We make just 100,000 litres per year, ensuring 100% focus goes onto every single drop. The Eden Mill story continues with the recently launched Art of the Blend whisky range. This comes after patiently waiting for new spirit to mature in specially selected casks. Launched on St Andrews day 2016, the first bottles will become ready for sale in January 2017.

Inspired by the pioneering spirit of the Haig family and many other greats who have carved their name on the town's illustrious history, Paul Miller and a team of three began alcohol production from the old derelict site in 2012 and the Art of the Blend whisky launch is a proud moment for all involved.