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Oak Gin


42% vol - 50cl


Oak Gin

As we're Scotland's original single-site brewery and distillery, with Oak Gin, we married our brewing and distilling skills leading to our oak beer barrels meeting our distillery's gin production. The result is a rich oak spice gin with notes of caramel, vanilla, and a touch of fudge. Warming, at 42% ABV, with a long, rich finish. Oak gin delivers a warm finish as lovely as a sipping gin/whisky; rich oak spice and brown honey toast finishing on sweet caramel, vanilla and sugarcane. The ginger really brings out the spice and woodiness of Oak gin. Sweet and rich-spiced fruits and spices (cinnamon & star anise) are evident. Soft delicate vanilla and fudge mingle with the ginger. Just marvellous! The Fentimans range of mixers is now available to complement Eden Mill Oak gin. This can be served in a Tulip gin glass. If you are thinking about a gift for a special day whether it is for Valentine's, Mother's or Father's day or as a birthday present, why not consider our Oak Gin Gift Box Set with comes complete with 2 Tulip gin glasses as standard?

We want to celebrate every type of #PerfectPairing. With a little help from our friends at Hutchesons Bar & Brasserie in Glasgow, we created The Mate Date cocktail, a delicious Espresso Martini, pairing Eden Mill Oak Gin and freshly brewed coffee.

– 30ML Freshly brewed coffee, chilled
– 45ML Oak Gin 
– 15ML Coffee Liqueur 
– 15ML Sugar Syrup 
– Cubed Ice
– Vittoria coffee bean, to serve

Simply, pour the three ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice, shake well and then strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Top with a few coffee beans and serve. (image on right)

Key botanicals

Juniper Berries





Oak spice, fresh sweet vanilla, whisky reminiscent. 


Warm vanilla, spice, honey and spiced fruits. 


Cinnamon and caramel, smooth. 


A slice of Orange, with ginger ale

A slice of Orange, with ginger ale