Oak Gin, Ginger Ale and Orange cans (12 Pack)

Case of 12 / 5% ABV / 250ml


Oak Gin, Ginger Ale and Orange cans (12 Pack)

Oak Gin, Ginger Ale and Orange Cans (12 Pack)

Available now in 5% ALC. VOL and 250ml cans.

Our Oak Gin combines a perfect balance of rich oak spices with soft notes of caramel and vanilla - this is created by maturing our gin in oak bourbon casks that once housed our beer.  We’ve paired our Oak Gin with ginger ale and orange bitters for a zesty and refreshing taste which perfectly compliments the oak infused spice of the spirit.

These ready-to-drink pre-mixed cans are perfect for festivals, picnics and any other social occasions. Try these drinks chilled with an orange slice!

Ready when you are!

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 Spicy ginger with a hint of caramel and oak.


Warming and spicy with a refreshing note of citrus from the orange bitters.


Caramel and ginger notes.