Nineteenth Brew Scottish Blonde Ale (12x500ML)

Scottish Blonde Ale

3.8% ABV - 500ML


Nineteenth Brew Scottish Blonde Ale (12x500ML)



The Nineteenth Brew is a classic Scottish Blonde Ale. When it comes to our beer, quality is everything!

That's why we made the sacrilegious decision to use French-grown Fuggles hops in this single malt, single hop ale. Traditional floor-malted Maris Otter barley and the delicate flavour and aroma of Fuggle come together to create a beer of real depth and character. Serve cold, straight from the fridge. 

Well worthy of a round, the Nineteenth Brew is the drink of choice for thirsty golfers on the 9th hole of the famous ‘Old Course’ in St Andrews. 

New recipe - CASE OF 12 x 500ML / 3.8% ABV


Delicate floral aroma and light maltiness


Malty fullness, mild sweetness, light biscuit, balanced with delicate
fruity undertones


Sweet and fruity