New Golf Gin & Elderflower Tonic Pre-Mixed Can (12 pack)

Case of 12 x 250ml


New Golf Gin & Elderflower Tonic Pre-Mixed Can (12 pack)


A classic G&T with a hint of elderflower. All tee'd up for you to enjoy.


Eden Mill's Golf Gin is carefully crafted using botanicals sourced from wild grasslands and coastal courses in Scotland, such as seaweed, heather, lavender and pine.


Created to be enjoyed in the company of friends, after a blissful day on the golf course. Eden Mill has combined our iconic Golf Gin with a classic tonic and a hint of elderflower, now available within a special-edition 250ml ready-to-drink can. A timeless classic with elderflower freshness, citrus zest and quinine bite.



If you are lucky enough to be attending The Open in St Andrews, please visit us at our shop in St Andrews at 96 Market Street, KY19 9PB, where you can sample our very own Golf Gin and ready-to-drink G&Tee's.





8% ABV | 12 x 250ml cans.