Neptune Gin

40% ABV / 70CL


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Neptune Gin

Samphire, kombu, sea salt, myths, legends

This is a coastal-inspired gin with Kombu seaweed. With a focus on a light salinity with a fresh, herbal profile such as samphire. Distilled with Scottish seaweed in order to give a hint of brininess along with a gentle smoky/seashore character.

Best served with a premium or Mediterranean tonic, garnished with a lemon peel. Neptune Gin can be used to make a classic Martini with a St Andrews twist.

40% ABV / 70CL



Close your eyes and let Neptune Gin transport you to the St. Andrews coastline...

Neptune is the Roman god of the sea, which wholly inspired this seashore reminiscent gin. Distilled with samphire and kelp - or Neptune’s belt, as it is sometimes known.

Neptune is the Roman God of both the sea and freshwater, and like his Greek counterpart Poseidon, he was also worshipped as the God of horses under the name Neptunus Equester. This illustration evokes the sea inspiration at a glance but if you look closely you can also spot hints of the Neptune story, such as the inclusion of his trident, and the galloping horses as the waves crest!