Mothers Day 2017

This year, Mothers day falls on Sunday 26th March. Mother's day (or Mothering Sunday) is usually celebrated on the 3rd Sunday before Easter. It's seen to be a time for rewarding Mums around the world for their support and guidance which is unconditionally given throughout the year. So don’t be late in ordering your Mothers day gift. We've put together what we think are three perfect Mother's day gift suggestions but the final choice is up to you. Happy Mother’s day from us all at Eden Mill.
Love Gin 70cl bottle
Love Gin 70cl bottle
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Love Gin Gift Set
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Mixology Cocktails & Gin Goblet
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Mother's day is a traditional Christian holy day in which domestic servants would return to their ‘Mother’ Church to worship. On the way home they would pick wild flowers to lay at the church or to give to their Mothers - this tradition moved away from a religious celebration some time ago but the principle continued with the holy day now being classed as a holiday celebration. Nothing stays the same and as years progress, the tradition has moved on; and so have the gifting suggestions. Flowers are always a welcomed option as is baking a light cake with two layers of marzipan. This was the norm for a while due to Mothering Sunday falling during the Catholic period of lent. Today gifts range from the simple to the extravagant and all that falls in between with no such norm still in place. So why not try something a little different this year.

Give a lovely gin gift on Mother’s day

Gin has seen dramatic changes in popularity and perception over the years. During the 19th century, it became known as ‘Mother’s Ruin’ (with good reason). It also became the drink of sailors with the addition of tonic to prevent Malaria and now Gin is one of the fastest growing recreational drinking spirits in the UK. With many craft distillers and large establishments creating their own unique twist on the “traditional London Gin” (ours is Original Gin), we pride ourselves on the the taste, quality and the unique variety of Gins that we have to offer. From the use of Australian Galaxy Hops in our Hop Gin to the hickory in our Golf Gin, our specialist gins are prime examples of the significant move away from the traditional view that was taken about Gin. Not only has the quality of gin improved throughout the years but also how it is served and consumed. Now every Gin has the “perfect serve” rather than sticking to the more traditional Gin & Tonic. Examples of these are marrying Oak Gin with Ginger Ale or Love Gin with Rose Lemonade for something completely new and delicious this Mother’s Day.

A hand crafted gin gift for your mum

Complete the gift for Mothers day by upgrading it to a gift set. Our gin gift set includes your gin of choice (either Love, Hop, Golf or Oak gin), 2 Tulip gin glasses and a gin distillery tour pass. Having 2 glasses means that on Mother’s day, you can share the love together. On Mother’s day, our gift box doesn’t stop giving.  The Gin Experience voucher for our distillery in St Andrews can be used whenever spaces are available throughout the year. On arrival, you’ll have a Gin & Tonic on us. You’ll then get a detailed history of the site, discover our distilling techniques and learn about our key ingredients. Your mum’s tour at Eden Mill wouldn’t be complete without a tasting session. Once she’s had a tour of our distillery, we’ll take her taste buds on tour too with a gin tasting session.  A unique day out for you and your Mum to share. So, give her something less traditional this Mothers day with a lovely bottle of delicate gin; after all, the iconic ceramic pottery bottles are the perfect home for those beautiful flowers once the Gin has gone.

Mixology on Mother’s day

If you think your mum would prefer something a little smaller and more convenient, consider giving her one of our Mixology Cocktail Sets. Working with bartenders from around the world to create our ready-made gin cocktails, we bring the bar experience to you - without the fuss. You’ll even get a beautiful gin goblet as part of the pack. These beautifully crafted gin cocktails are perfect served over ice and the goblets are a perfect size.