Mixology Gin Cocktails & Goblet

Mixology Gin Cocktails & Goblet

Inspired by the creativity of top mixologists we have worked with around the world, Eden Mill Mixology Gin Cocktails have been crafted using our own authentic, small-batch gins and are served to you in four innovative, pre mixed and ready to drink unique cocktails from the Mixology brand. Makes an ideal and inexpensive gift for any special occasion. Eden Mill Mixology gin cocktails feature unique party gin cocktails. Classy, funky and ready to pour and enjoy. Popular all year round but particularly during summer, they are ideal to share or give as a gift. Keep your fridge well stocked for those special party nights; or just keep for yourself to enjoy when you just fancy a quiet night in with a refreshingly different gin cocktail.

Just add ice and garnish...

Made in Scotland, these pre-made and ready-to-pour gin cocktails deliver the great taste you've come to expect from a Mixology bottle. All you need to do is simply pour over ice and add your favourite garnish. If you're planning to share with friends, you can always buy more matching Mixology cocktail goblets. This will make up a perfect hosting set. You get four different flavours of Eden Mill cocktail gin, bespoke 250ml aluminium bottles with garnish recommendations (shown on the back of the bottles)

What's in your Mixology Gin Cocktails box?

  • Love Gin Berry Bramble Cocktail (8% ABV) 1 x 250ml bottle
  • Basil Smash Hop Gin Cocktail (8% ABV) 1 x 250ml bottle
  • Citrus Fizz Original Gin Cocktail (8% ABV) 1 x 250ml bottle
  • Roasted Martini Oak Gin Cocktail (8% ABV) 1 x 250ml bottle
  • 1 x Large Mixology Project Cocktail Goblet