Luxury Cocktail Set


Luxury Cocktail Set

Copper Plated


Luxury Cocktail Set

Introducing the Eden Mill Luxury Cocktail Kit in Copper. An essential item for any bartender, mixologist or cocktail lover.

Our premium hand crafted leather roll bag securely holds the all the kit ensuring that it can be used to make great cocktails with style wherever you want.

What's included in the Luxury Cocktail Set?

  • Copper Boston Shaker
  • Eden Mill Cocktail Glass
  • Branded Copper Japanese Jigger
  • Wooden Muddler
  • Copper Twisted Mixing Spoon
  • Copper Hawthorne Strainer

Bar Tools

The Luxury Cocktail Set by Eden Mill is both suited to professional bartenders and aspiring home bartenders. The Boston Shaker is a two piece cocktail shaker consisting of glass and copper shaker.  

Our strainer of choice, the Baron Hawthorn Strainer fits snugly into the mixing glass ensuring a perfect strain on your Old Fashioneds, Negronis and other stirred drinks.

Accurately measure with a Japanese style jigger.

Look and work like a professional with your own high-end bar equipment.

Don't forget to add the gin from our range.