Love Gin Liqueur

Sweet and creamy taste

20% ABV - 50CL


Love Gin Liqueur

Love Gin Liqueur delivers a sweet and creamy taste over a soft backdrop of vanilla. On the nose, customers will be familiar with the sweet scent of raspberry syrup. Finishing, the liqueur leaves a lingering sweetness, with the vanilla fading to reveal berry fruit and aromatic floral notes.

The liqueur is presented in a glossed red carton, embellished with subtle roses that highlight the sweet, fragrant notes of the liqueur.




serving suggestions. 

Feeling creative and want to try something a little different? Why not give our Raspberry Ripple Cocktail a try, which uses our brand new Love Gin Liqueur as a base.

Perfect serve

Pair with a Premium Elderflower Tonic or Sparkling
Raspberry drink, garnish with raspberries.