Love Gin

40% ABV / 70CL


Love Gin

Rose, angelica, goji berries, raspberry, affection

Our pioneering pink gin is sweet, flavourful and floral. There’s something magical about this gin – one of the first we ever made. Let the White Lady of St Andrews lead you by the hand to her mysterious, rose-scented garden, and enjoy Love Gin in the company of your favourite people. 

Best served with rose lemonade or premium tonic, garnished with a handful of raspberries.

Use our Love Gin to make a fun and fruity Love Club cocktail!

40% ABV / 70CL



Eden Mill is inviting you to discover our ‘secret garden’ and the home of our iconic Love Gin. Included on the front of our newly redesigned Love Gin glass bottle is a stunning illustration outlining the story behind the inspiration of our beloved Love Gin.

Within this illustration, you can discover our 'secret garden' - a quiet, private place where roses ramble freely. Roses are symbolic of beauty, love, mystery, innocence and passion that we believe are attributes to our classic Love Gin. 

Let the white lady of St. Andrews lead you by the hand and discover her tale of love and heartbreak within our secret rose garden.





Touch of warm spiced berries - strawberry, raspberries with sweet vanilla and green fruits. Finishing with very delicate citrus pink grapefruit and floral rose petals.


Taste of rhubarb spice and sweet strawberries with vanilla, finishing with green apple citrus and a hint of rose water.


Sharp, sweet and fruity with soft vanilla notes.