Love Gin 70CL - In support of The Drinks Trust



Love Gin 70CL - In support of The Drinks Trust

Exclusive HOSPITALITY 70cL BOTTLE now available online.

£2 from every 70cl bottle of Love Gin sold will help The Drinks Trust (and in Scotland The Ben: Scottish License Trade Benevolent Society) to support wellness services they’ve launched in response to the emerging and likely long-term effects of the Covid-19 crisis on hospitality, including counselling services, help with sleep and insomnia and mindful drinking courses aimed at nurturing a healthy relationship with alcohol. Since January the charity has helped over 2,000 beneficiaries and awarded grants of over half a million pounds.


Our Love Gin motto is ‘Share the Love’ and it is absolutely essential for us to show our support to an industry on its knees.

Eden Mill CEO Tony Kelly said: “Although we understand the need for further restrictions being brought in across Scotland and throughout the UK to control the rapid spread of Coronavirus, it’s coming down very hard on the hospitality industry and we know from conversations with our industry partners that hospitality is desperate for support. First reduced capacity and 10pm curfews, now a ban on alcohol sales and local hospitality closures; many bars, pubs and restaurants will struggle to survive.

In our opinion, while staying at home is the safest option, bars, pubs and restaurants have staff trained to manage the safe consumption of alcohol since before Covid began, and hospitality has made huge efforts to regulate their spaces to be the safest environments. Banning alcohol consumption and closing hospitality can only serve to encourage the unregulated mixing of households as the public are tempted to meet at home, therefore accelerating the spread of the virus."

Love Gin 70CL is normally available to hospitality exclusively and in support of the challenging times for the hospitality industry created by COVID-19, Love Gin 70CL will be available on our website for a limited time only, with £2 from every purchase donated to The Drinks Trust.

This summer we raised £10,000 for NHS associated charities, including CHAS and Masks 4 NHS Heroes with our blue Original Gin bottle, so we can only encourage our caring and generous customers to join us again in supporting an industry close to our hearts which needs our help.”

Our Love Gin has a beautiful pink blush colour and is flavoured with an outstanding blend of local botanicals and exotic fruits. Love Gin has sweet vanilla and floral notes with a sharp, sweet and fruity finish.


Love Gin has been redesigned in a glass bottle with sustainability at its core. This bespoke bottle has been exclusively designed for Eden Mill and produced in the UK, resulting in a low carbon footprint. It is easy to recycle and uses 18% less glass than an industry-standard glass bottle - so there is actually less glass to begin with!  

Our Love Gin tastes great over ice with elderflower tonic and frozen berries.



Fragrant and floral rose petals, with sweet berry notes. 


Sweet, berrries, vanilla. 


Sharp, sweet and fruity.