Love Gin 50CL


42% ABV / 50CL


was £26

Love Gin 50CL

‘Same pink gin, just a little greener’ - This is still our beloved pink gin, just in a new and exciting lightweight sustainable glass bottle!  

Our Love Gin has a beautiful pink blush colour and is flavoured with an outstanding blend of local botanicals and exotic fruits. Love Gin has sweet vanilla and floral notes with a sharp, sweet and fruity finish.

Why the new bottle?

Our new Love Gin glass bottle has been designed with sustainability at its core. This bespoke bottle has been exclusively designed and produced in the UK for Eden Mill, resulting in a low carbon footprint. It is easy to recycle and uses 18% less glass than an industry-standard glass bottle - so there is actually less glass to begin with!  

Our Love Gin tastes great over ice with elderflower tonic and frozen berries.

Ceramic Love Gin 50CL also available here. 

Suitable For VEGANS.



Fragrant and floral rose petals, with sweet berry notes. 


Sweet, berrries, vanilla. 


Sharp, sweet and fruity.