Love Gin, Ceramic Pink Gin 50CL

Pale Pink Gin

42% ABV - 50cl

Love Gin, Ceramic Pink Gin 50CL

Love Gin - The famous light blush Pink Gin from Eden Mill brings together an outstanding blend of local botanicals and exotic fruits.

Our pink gin is a pale colour when poured and when diluted, sweet vanilla and floral notes are brought out.

If you are looking for a gift for special occasion whether it is for Valentine's, Mother's or Father's day or as a birthday present, why not consider our Love Gin Gift Set with comes complete with 2 Tulip gin glasses as standard?

What do I drink with Pink Gin?

The Fentimans range of mixers is now available to complement Eden Mill Love gin. We would, of course, recommend Rose Lemonade.

Also available, Love Gin is now available in a new glass bottle, designed with sustainability at its core - available here. 

Key botanicals

Rose Petals



Fragrant and floral rose petals, with sweet berry notes. 


Sweet, strawberries, vanilla. 


Sharp, sweet and fruity. 


Frozen berries with elderflower tonic

Frozen berries with elderflower tonic