Lemon & Raisin Gin Liqueur

Gin Liqueur

20% ABV - 35cl


Lemon & Raisin Gin Liqueur

We had one vision when creating this liqueur – to celebrate the world of citrus and give it a twist. Our Lemon and Raisin is absolutely bursting with bright, Limoncello-like sweetness which is brought in check by the rounded stewed-fruit flavour of the raisin. The palate is incredibly full and smooth and the raisin gives the mouthfeel a heavy sherry style sweetness to leave a long luxurious finish.

This liqueur is made with a base of our Slackwater Gin, named after 'the stand of the tide' when a body of tidal water is at its calmest. We wanted our base to shine through and with its strong juniper character, earthy beetroot and smooth coconut, it does just that. Enjoy our Lemon and Raisin over ice topped with soda, a dash of bitters and a lemon wedge, or splash a measure into your favourite fizz. Add it to your favourite Tom Collins recipe for a truly vibrant cocktail kick.

Other flavours include Strawberry & Black Pepper and also Pear & Cassia. 

Best served in our Lemon and Raisin Goblet glass.



Strong lemon notes.


Summery lemon flavours with a raisin under current that smooths out the sharpness of the lemon.


Well balanced juiciness.