Jye Helles Pale Lager (12x500ML)

Classic Scottish Pale Lager

4.5% ABV - 500ML


Jye Helles Pale Lager (12x500ML)

Jye Helles is the St Andrews take on a classic Scottish Lager, with a twist. We've used citrus peel for a refreshing, clean-tasting Jye Helles Pale Lager. 

“Helles” means “pale in colour,”. This Lager has been cold fermented ensuring a full-bodied dry lager. 

Serve cold, straight from the fridge. 

case of 12 x 500 ML Bottle / 4.5% ABV - NEW DESIGN BOTTLE






Clean and bready nose with citrus notes


Mild bitterness, balanced citrus tartness with a light malt sweetness


Clean and crisp